Our Twelve Doctrinal Foundational Pillars

v  The Bible:  The Bible, as originally written, is the inspired Word of God; derived from God, making it humanities only infallible & authoritative rule of faith and practice.

v  GOD:  There is only One true, living Creator God who reveals Himself through the Godhead as triune in nature as God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, existing NOT separately but in total unison.

v  Jesus Christ:  The Deity of the Lord Jesus Christ; the incarnation of God; is the virgin-born Son of God who lived a victorious life over sin yet died upon a cross to bear mankind’s punishment for sin, who arose bodily from the dead, seen by His disciples & others, who ascended into heaven where He is seated at the right hand of the Father, who has accomplished all that is necessary for man’s salvation, and who will return to earth in power and glory.

v  Creation/Origins:  A literal Genesis describing a literal creation of all time, space & matter in the universe, including the record of the creation, test and fall of man.

v   Man: Man was created perfect in the image of God, but as the result of sin is lost and powerless to save himself & therefore has become inherently wicked at heart in need of salvation from eternal damnation.

v  Sin:  All mankind is now born with sin which can only be cleansed away by the sinless shed blood of Jesus Christ our Creator-Redeemer; propitiated & activated by faith and personal repentance.

v  Salvation:  The shed blood of Christ & His atoning work on the cross is the only ground for the salvation of mankind & is essential for individuals to repent of sin & by faith receive God’s free gift of salvation by trusting & confessing Jesus Christ as LORD; resulting in regeneration by the Holy Spirit.

v  The Holy Spirit:  The ministry of God’s Holy Spirit indwells, guides, instructs, and empowers the believer for godly living and service. The gifts of God manifest by the Holy Spirit as seen in 1Corinthians 12-14, the life of Christ, His disciples, the early church & is available to any believer today according to Mk.16:15-18; John 14:12; Acts 2:39.

v  The Church:  The universal body of believers in Christ makes up the Body of Christ in the earth to impact the earth; to equip & ensure that we carry out the ordinances & commission of the commands of Christ, & is vitally important for healthy maturity, & order, encouragement, strength, fellowship, balance, reproof & accountability in a degree we cannot accomplish on our own.

v  Divine Healing:  The redemptive and atoning work of Christ on the Cross provides physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing for the entire human person, Isa. 53:5; I Peter 2:24. Divine healing is an integral part of the Gospel Matt.4:23; 8:16-17; 9:35; 10:1; Jh.14:12; Acts5:16, 8:7, 13; James 5:15.

v  The 2nd Coming of Christ:  The Blessed Hope is the consummation of our salvation at the appearing of Christ Titus 2:13: The Kingdom of God is here by way of Jesus Christ spiritually, yet He will also physically return to earth a second time; at which time all saints will be bodily resurrected, initiating His millennial reign.

v  The Restoration:  After the millennial reign of Christ and the Great White Throne Judgment, & the earth purged by fire (2Pet.3:7), God will restore His entire creation back to what it was originally purposed to be, fulfilling His plain for mankind. There will be a New Heaven and a New Earth, 2Peter 3:13; Rev. 21:1.

Mission of the Creation Under Fire Project

The mission of the “Creation Under Fire project” is to educate people with the truth of our origin as revealed in the first book of the Holy Bible – Genesis.  To establish a clear understanding of the original thought and intent of the author as it was originally recorded; therewith, dispelling untrue theories of creation within the church. In turn, strengthening people’s faith and equipping them with real answers for the faith they possess and to defend it well. Also to expose the most subtle scheme Satan has ever unleashed on humanity, which has sent more people to hell than any other attack mankind has ever known.

Mission Statement

The mission of Rob Franzen in ministry is FIRST to continue to grow and know the Lord Jesus Christ more intimately; and out of this, to support and assist the Church in fulfilling the Great Commission. To seek the Lord to be in right standing, and thereby, anointed to receive gifts of prophetic revelation - with the ability to impart that Spirit & Life (Jh. 6:63). Our purpose is to evangelize the lost and teach, lead, and encourage as many as possible that they understand and know the Lord and His Word more intimately (Jer. 9:24; Phil. 3:10). To promote the authority and integrity of Scripture, the Creation and Gospel message through God's given gifts and talents, individually and collectively.