Forward of book written by Dr. Dennis Lindsay, President & CEO of Christ for the Nations Bible Institute in Dallas, TX.

“People have a negative bias/attitude toward creation science from a biblical perspective because they are unaware of the quantity and quality of evidence that support it.A creation presentation of the evidence that supports creation from a biblical perspective will influence a positive public attitude toward it.

The inculcation of humanistic philosophy into modern, mainstream American culture began slowly and has run as a covert undercurrent for many years.The rise of Darwinian evolutionary theory in popularity continued to challenge the traditional Biblical foundations of the founding fathers until it attained a moral victory in the 1925 Scopes Monkey Trial.

Eventually it dethroned our country’s infrastructure of its foundations in the 1962 declaration of the US Supreme Court that prayer was unconstitutional in our public school rooms.Now, four generations later, the vast majority of our population and the institutions of our nation have been thoroughly “evolutionized” in their subconscious thinking.This unconscious “filter”, through which all of our thought processes run (and thereby influence our behavior), prevents us from coming to a right understanding of Biblical Truth.David, the psalmist, said it this way, ‘If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?’To counter this humanistic invasion in our society, Robert Franzen has authored Creation Under Fire that has convincingly and adequately undercut and discredit the doctrine of evolutionism and provide a viable alternative to atheistic, evolutionary humanism.

Creation Under Fire is a powerful presentation which provides evidence that supports creation from a biblical and scientific perspective.This, I believe, will influence the public in favor of a biblical view of creation and is must for pastors, parents and young people to understand why the record of creation in Genesis is foundation to ones Christian faith”.

Dr. Dennis Lindsay, President & CEO of Christ for the Nations, a worldwide missions organization and Bible Institute in Dallas, TX.He is the youngest son of the late Gordon Lindsay, founder of Christ for the Nations, and Freda Lindsay, co-founder.He has written 15 volumes on the book of Genesis and the subject of Creation Science.This highly acclaimed and insightful series is helping present the biblical and scientific truth of creation.These volumes plus much more are available at