Hope That Does Not Disappoint

 By Robert Franzen

It has been a while since I last wrote to you, and I feel to pass on encouragement from the Lord.  I know that many of us are experiencing trials like never before, life altering trials and hardships as couples, families and as individuals.  A friend told me today that they heard a prophet friend of theirs say that a spirit of accusation is being released this year.  Our nation is changing before our eyes and bringing fear and disturbing changes that will affect our lives and lifestyles forever as we move closer to globalism and world population control.  However, let’s focus on this …  Our Creator is so faithful (I Pet. 4:19) and knows exactly where you are and what your experiencing.  Sometimes it seems as though God is so far from us, but the truth is He is closer to us than we sometimes realize – Prov. 18:24 = He is a friend who sticks closer than a brother!  Also our faithful Lord promised us He is always with us (Matt. 28:20).  Think about what Joseph the son of Jacob went through in life.  He had a God given dream but it was over 13 years before he would begin to step into his destiny – Abraham almost 30 years and Moses 40 years before they entered into their destinies.  Joseph had to go through the pits, literally.  Our Creator God was with him as He promised us!  But why did God wait so long to bring deliverance?  Why does God wait so long to bring us out of our messes?  There is a bigger picture involved and stuff God wants to work out of our life (that we must seek what that is) that His character can be instilled in us.  Character is what is important to God.  Joseph spent some time in that pit (Gen. 37:24), and it changed his life forever!  I can only imagine the vows and prayers he prayed like Jonah in the while.  But much more work needed to be done in order for God’s divine providence to come about, thus Joseph went to the pit again – to prison for many years, up to about 12 years.  Joseph was faithfully devoted to his God because he knew God got him out of one pit He could do it again.  Instead of wallowing in his own misery he ministered out of his need to the baker and the butler.  God gave Joseph the interpretation of their dreams and you know the story.  But after this event Joseph still spent another two years in prison before his release (Gen. 40:23-41:1).  Joseph tried to use what little he had left (in his own strength) to get himself out of his mess – a little persuasion or manipulation was useless.  When we go through the pits we are brought to the end of our rope and all hope is gone and the dream God gave us is gone with nothing humanly possible that can bring it about.  That’s where God had brought Joseph and that’s where He is bringing the Church/His Bride.  There is nothing left to do but to be faithful and shift all trust in Him!  GOD KNOWS HOW TO TAKE CARE OF HIS OWN!!!  And He loves to prove Himself as the God of the impossible!  Romans 5 1-5 says “, but we also glory in tribulations, knowing that tribulation produces perseverance;
4 and perseverance, character; and character, hope.
5 Now hope does not disappoint…
(NKJ).  I don’t have time to preach this to you now but there is no other way to develop the perseverance we need to endure without trials and hardships (just ask Job of the Bible).  There is a slight difference between patience and perseverance: patience is waiting with contentment (some can wait but not be content), while perseverance is fighting the battle while you’re waiting with contentment.  We never give up being faithful and trusting God!  James 1:3 tells us the same along with I Pet. 4:12-13.  We can rejoice in God when we go through the pits.  Not so much for the pits but rather that God loves us so much that He is at work in us and up to something – He’s doing something good.  Praise God.  In the same way, there is no other way to develop the godly character needed without perseverance.  And the godly character opens the door for hope!  And “that hope” will not disappoint us.  In fact, the opposite of disappoint is appoint, or making the appointment.  We see this formula work for Joseph.  He persevered through his trials, which developed godly character in him to bring hope back alive in his life which brought him to his destiny! 

            I preached this message two weeks ago in a church in southern Virginia and in all our trials and hardships, I encourage you to stay faithful and shift all your trust on to our Faithful Creator!  I encourage you to prayerfully read through the book of James in one sitting along with I Peter in another one sitting.  I bless you with the words of James 5:7 Therefore be patient, brethren, until the coming of the Lord!!!

Fall of 2009. 

Staying Faithful,

Rob Franzen